Around Polysiphonia

A tiny sample of the red alga polysiphonia, contains many different diatoms and all kinds of zooplankton, I discovered. This was also a good oportunity to experiment with DIC combined with electric flash, which I made flashing through the original lamphouse (backcover removed). And of course good to work again with oil immersion.

Somehow this setup works the best with 0.90 Na condenser, while the 100x objective has a numeric aperture of 1.30. Which basically limits the performance of the 100x lens…
1 Polysiphonia, 25x/0.75 oil immersion
2 Licmophora growing on the red alga, 100x/1.30 o.i.
3 Hydrozoa 10x/0.30
4 Navicula 100x 0.i
5 Grammatophora marina 100x o.i
6 unidentified diatom100x o.i.

The other day, after keeping it in the refrigerator the entire week, I continued with the sample. There was still plenty to see, even things I did not notice previous session.
The 1.30 condenser was used this time together with below mentioned high Na objectives . Picture 8 was merged.

07 Coscinodiscus concinnus, 63x/1.30 oil immersion
08 Vorticelloid 100x/1.30 oil immersion
09 Larvae unidentified 25x/0.75 oil immersion
10 Licmophora 63x/1.30 oil immersion