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Welcome to my website, my hobby is taking pictures of the invisible world around us.

In connection with my microphoto’s, there is a couple of links I’d like to share with you:

Walter Machielsen | People | Nikon’s Small World ( will show you my entry in the 2023 Nikon Small World photo competion.

These images reveal a world that can’t be seen with the naked eye ( is an article in National Geographic referring to the same photo as well as a selection of other winning 2023 entries.

Walter Machielsen. Buckthorn Trichomes. – Vital Impacts is about my participation in a fundraising project organised by Vital Impacts for support of the Reteti elephant sanctuary in Kenya.

My brand new Instagram account!

Lichen Photmicrography by Ultra Violet Light – Walter Machielsen – The Canadian Nature Photographer shows an article on “autofluorescence and lichen” I wrote for Robert Berdan’s interesting website

Retrofit Lomo Lumam R1 Fluorescence Microscope (an update) – is about the first retrofit carried out on my russian Lomo luminescence microscope.

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